Find Food

Made By Lauren R.

What is my project and what makes it awesome?

My progect is a searchable Database of resturaunts to help you find what's around you.

Optional 1: How Your Idea Came to Be Question

How did you come up with your idea?

Pick one more...maybe this one?

I was hungry, and my family always has trouble when we have to decide where to eat.

This Project was made for SheQL

SheQL is a free, 10 week course offered to high school girls, femmes, and non-males in the Summer of 2017 by Mystery Code Society and supported with materials and space by the Abrahams Branch library.

This project was built using Ruby, Postgres, ActiveRecord, and Sinatra.

If you think these sites are beautiful, that is thanks to a custom front-end framework by Cara Heacock (puzzalea on github). We are so lucky to have her!